A loyal soldier of the Empire, an impressive fighter, a natural leader, and looks that matched his charisma and cunning, Hale was destined to become nothing less than the right-hand man of the Commander General—or better yet, to become the next Commander General. Older sibling of two, he was quite protective of his sister, Thayette—however scolding her often whenever she got herself into trouble. In contrast to his hot-headed sister, Hale was calm and charismatic with a disarming smile always at the ready that people said could even touch the heart of Lloth herself. It was said his confidence could bolster an entire army to victory; which was only enhanced when he lost an eye in a climatic battle against a large raiding party of Orcs that ended in victory for Hale and his troops. Though most of Hale’s men were wounded, not a single casualty occurred due to Hale’s tactical prowess and sheer bravery.

Hale and his entire lineage have served the King, Queen, and the rest of the royal family as servants, bodyguards, and/or retainers. Hale was the only exception, instead joining the Imperial military at an early age at the behest of Commander General Kyle. The youth quickly began to rise in the ranks of the military, gaining recognition and fame for reasons that a lovestruck girl could ramble on about for hours. Under the tutelage of the Commander General, Hale soon became the youngest person to join the Imperial Guard; a prestigious branch of the Imperial military. He was well on his way to again impressing so many and catching the eye of even more by becoming the youngest person to ever be promoted to Captain of the Imperial Guard.

Unfortunately, destiny had a funny way of turning events. Before being made Captain, tragedy befell Hale and his squad during a mission. One man of his unit survived, returning only to tell the tale of Hale and his comrades’ untimely fate before dying later on in the night.


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